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Móc – Crochet bunting tutorial 24.08.2011

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Crochet bunting tutorial

Let’s put some triangles together! It’s easy! Grab your triangles and sort them so they look all pretty like.

Click on the image to see it really quite a bit larger.

1: Make a chain that is approximately 25cm / 10″ long, join with slip stitch into one corner of a triangle
2: Then chain 4, slip stitch into the space between the two groups of 3dc, chain 4, slip stitch into the space, continue in this manner until you get to the corner.
3: Slip stitch in the corner too, then chain 10 (or there abouts).
4: Then join with the next triangle and repeat.

Repeat for every triangle (you saw that one coming, right?!) After you have added your last triangle, finish off the the bunting with another chain like at the beginning.

That was pretty easy, huh?

It should look something like this. If it doesn’t, I may have explained it wrong! So please feel free to leave a comment or shoot me one of those email thingies. 😉

And hey, if you make a bunting inspired by this tutorial, why not add an image link? I would love to see yours! Click on the button below. (Feed reader readers, you have to visit the blog to see the button… not sure why it doesn’t show up, but there we are…)


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