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Móc – Crochet magic ring tutorial 24.08.2011

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Crochet magic ring tutorial

Mmm… happy colours! Ok, so there’s a granny triangle tutorial in the works, but first I’m going to show you how to make a magic ring. This is a very handy thing to know how to make. Not just for granny triangles! Why is it handy? Because it can make centres of your work look a lot better. You’re basically crocheting over an adjustable ring which you can pull tight.

And despite its name, there is actually no magic involved whatsoever. I am sorry to disappoint you!

Click on the images to view them larger.

Ok, grab your yarn and we’ll do this!

1: wind yarn around your fingers like you are going to make a slip knot. Make sure that you have a few inches of yarn hanging from your fingers – the end that isn’t attached to your ball of yarn
2: pull a loop of yarn through the yarn on your fingers. The yarn you pull through must be the end still attached to your ball of yarn
3: remove the yarn from your fingers and insert your hook in the loop

4: yarn over and pull through
5: with the loop still on the hook, insert the hook in the ring itself, yarn over, then pull through the ring
6: you should now have two loops on your hook

7: pull the latest loop through the other one, so you only have one loop on the hook
8: now chain 3, this will count as the first dc

If you are working on a project that has sc or tdc in the first round, adjust the length of your chain accordingly.

You now have your magic ring ready to go. There should be a bit of yarn hanging from the ring. Do not pull this until you have worked the first round of your project. Unless your ring is very loose, in that case, do tighten it a bit so it is easier to work with.

Stay tuned for the granny square tutorial very soon!


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