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Làm bờm cho bé – đan 20.09.2011

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Crafts for summer: flower headband

This brooch is very easy, but it looks like spring soft and original. For this technology you can make a band for the hair.
To begin with, share secrets, how to make a brooch. To associate a long strip of 25 cm Number of loops depends on the thickness of thread. In our case, there were 3 in a row hinges. Used a technique common in St st.
Once tied a strip to make a flower. It’s easy, just put 5 petals of the strips and sew them on seredinke. In the center you can sew a bead or button. And in the end simply sew the stem (bound band in green).
CIMG5830 111x300 delicate brooch and headband hairOn this technology now will make the rim to the hair. Again, pin-striped knit (3-4-loops).The width depends on the hoop, be sure to contact the band completely covers the hoop and that it can be sewn.
CIMG5818 225x300 delicate brooch and headband hairTechnology flower remains the same. When bind “cover” for the hoop and carefully sew the strip and pull the rim inward. The ends should be fixed too.
CIMG5823 225x300 delicate brooch and headband hair
It remains to sew the flowers on the side and rim of hair is ready!

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