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Nghịch với khăn mùi xoa 20.09.2011

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Kids easter ideas: vintage hankie bunny


All you will need for this so simple it should be illegal tutorial is a hankie, or a similar square of fabric and a little bit of stuffing (optional). Thats right, no scissors, needles, thread or anything else except your own two hands.
To get started lay your hankie flat on a smooth surface.

This first version is unstuffed. Next fold your hankie in half along the diagonal.

Starting with the tip of the triangle start rolling the fabric ( not too tight) towards the fold.

Now bend your little roll in half.

Pick a spot about half way again and tie a knot ( again not too tight).

Arrange the darling little ears in a pleasant manner.

Wasn’t that easy.

If you desire your bunny a little plumper it is easy to do with a small amount of any stuffing material. I use eco fill stuffing or wool roving.

Place your hankie on the surface. Along the diagonal and in the middle section lay a small amount of stuffing.

Now fold the hankie along the diagonal as before.

Start rolling the fabric at the tip of the triangle as previously. Stop just as you get snug with the stuffed section.

Proceed exactly as in the unstuffed version.

I bet you can’t stop at making one. If so desire you might want to make up a herd of hankie bunnies to send to japan for operation bunny drop.

They also make wonderful holders for eggs for your easter table. You could even make them out of your napkins.


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