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sewing flower for pillow 24.02.2012

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This very simple and low cost design idea will add zest to your pillow (both new and already podustarevshim and podnadoevshim) and refresh the interior of the bedroom. 
Decorative flowers out of felt and wooden beads are made quickly and easily, so that the novice hendmeyderam should enjoy it!
What is needed:
  • dish
  • felt
  • chalk fabric
  • Scissors relief
  • White thread and needle
  • beads for leaves and stalk
How it works:
  • Grab a plate and use it as a template for our flowers. Contours of the fine for the office, and then draw from the hand of the spiral.
  • Carefully cut out with scissors or embossed with a special knife (as pictured)
  • Now make the core of the flower. Fold and twisting a small piece, fixes a few stitches. Further along the edge of doing stitches and pulls thread to prisborit. Tightening until the end, anchoring the thread. The flower is ready.
  • The same thing we do to get the second flower.

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