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Gift presents for daughter: Leather and Felted Wool Hydrangea Hair Elastics tutorial

Spring is just around the corner (please, pretty please) so now is the time to start making things with flowers!  I made some hair elastics out of leather and felted wool.
Today I will show you how to make the leather hydrangea flower.
Circle to trace
Hot Glue Gun
Hair Elastic
Find a piece of leather in the color of your choice.  My is black leather from a coat from my stash.
Choose a circle shape to trace.  I chose a thread spool that is slightly bigger than the standard spool.  The size of the circle will determine the size of your petals.  For the felted wool flowers in the picture above, I used a much bigger circle.
Trace 10 circles onto the leather with your sharpie (even though photo only shows 8circles).  I traced on the backside so the sharpie would show up.
Cut out the 10 circles.
Fold each circle in half to make a taco shape. You can put a dab of hot glue to hold the petal shapes if that is the look you are going for.  I glued the petals on this leather flower but did not on the felted wool ones.
Then, fold in half again to make the petal shape.
Put hot glue along the bottom of the folded circle.  There should be 2 folded edges, on the bottom, to glue.  Stick it to one of the circles, for a base, with the front edge slightly hanging off the end.
For the next petal, flip the folded circle and put glue along the single folded edge.  Stick this petal next to the on already on the base.
Continue to glue 6 petals onto the base, switching each time from the 2 folded edges to the single folded edge.
Next, glue 3 folded circles into the center of the base.
Trim away the leather between the petals.
Cut 1 small rectangle of leather and put hot glue at each end.  Center the hair elastic and place the leather strip over it.
After letting the glue dry, the hydrangea flower is ready to use.  You can make these elegant flowers out of felted wool or other fabrics too.  There are many other things you could use the flower for besides hair.

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