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Patchwork Bag 24.04.2012

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Materials:4-3 ½” squares of fabric8-3” squares of fabric9”x21” of fabric for the lining and casings1 ¼yds of narrow ribbon or cord for drawstrings
All rights reservedCopyright Debbie McCrigler 2009Bottom view
finished size4”x4”x4 ½”
Also cut the following pieces:8 – 3” squares, for the sides.2 –7 1/2” x 1 1/2” , for the casings.
Pattern for personal use only.Copyright Debbie McCrigler 2009
Patchwork Bag
Please note all seam allowances are ¼” and areincluded on pattern pieces or inMeasurements.
1. Stitch the 3” squares together in pairs.Stitch one set of squares to the bottom of piece A. Leave the last ¼” unstitched.(See diagram 1). You will have 4 units.2. Stitch these units together as follows:stitch the short sides of A, leave the last¼” unstitched, (see diagram 2).Then stitch down the long straight side,from a to b, leave the last ¼” unstitched.Now sew the first unit to the last unit tomake the sides. When it is flat it willlook like diagram 3.3. To form the bottom stitch from the foldto the point on each side, d. (Diagram 3).Fold in half the other way and match thecenter points, stitch across the bottom.Set aside while you make the casing andlining.4. Hem short edges of casing pieces ¼”.Stitch close to folded edge. Press in half lengthwise with wrong sides together.Baste casing pieces to the top edge of thebag, hemmed edges should meet.5. Stitch the side seam of the lining, leavethe opening indicated on the pattern.Now sew the bottom the same way as theouter bag. Right sides together, place baginside the lining, match up corners andtop edges. Stitch around the top edge.Turn right side out through the opening.Tuck the lining inside the bag and pressthe top edge. You may top stitch aroundthe top edge of bag if you desire.
Cut 1 ¼ yard of cord in half. Threadthrough the casings using a safety pin.Start and end each cord on opposite sidesof the casing. (See diagram 4). Knot theends together with an overhand knot.
Please enjoy this pattern for personal useonly. Copyright Debbie McCrigler 2009

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